7 Best Gifts for Parents With a Toddler

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When a baby is born, all the love, care, and attention are turned towards them, but as with most children, there are many changes during the toddler stage (between one and four years of age). Coping with toddlers can be a challenge for mothers, but it shouldn’t always be the case. Here are the seven best gifts for a mom with a toddler to help make her life easier:

1.   Baby Carriers

Whether running errands, hiking, or cooking, mothers always need to have their babies comfortable and close. You might consider gifting them with comfortable baby carriers that are fitted with a supportive ergonomic design to help them carry their toddlers for long distances. Baby carriers are easy to breastfeed in and allow the mothers to bond with the toddlers, especially while on the go.

2.   Strollers

At the toddler stage, some babies outgrow strollers as they learn how to walk independently, but some still need them when they get tired or need rest. A spacious, comfortable, portable stroller can be a great gift for any mother who needs some weight off of her shoulders.

3.   A Warm Blanket

Mothers are always doing their best to keep up with their active toddlers. Sometimes they fall asleep on the couch unknowingly due to fatigue or while cuddling the babies to sleep. It is also difficult sometimes for moms to get that time to nap without disturbance from the little one. An easy-to-wash soothing blanket can come in handy for that much-needed warmth when periods of sleep catch up with them.

4.   Baby Breathing Monitor

Having toddlers sleep in their bedrooms can be tasking. Mothers will need to keep an eye on them from time to time to ensure they are safe. A baby breathing monitor will give mothers some peace of mind, especially at night. There are baby monitors that have night vision and temperature sensors for instant fever detection and readings and will alert the mom when anything is amiss.

5.   Vacuum Cleaner

Having a toddler running around means less time for their mother to clean and tidy up. Consider gifting them with a vacuum cleaner to ease the burden of keeping their home clean. While at it, get them a play-and-go storage mat bag for the toddlers to store their toys after playing.

6.   Potty Training Kits

Potty training is not easy and takes patience, but the kits can come in handy in aiding the toddlers to learn how to use a potty seat faster. Some have reward points whenever they use a potty to motivate them.

7.   Baby Medicine Dispenser

Whether they have a fever or just teething, getting medicine into a young child can be difficult. A baby medicine dispenser is a small, syringe-like instrument that allows mothers to have an easier time providing medicine to their child. These devices simplify the process of getting babies to take their medicine, which can be especially arduous when most medicines have a bad taste.


These gifts offer a helping hand for mothers with toddlers. The list is not exhaustive; you can add some more gift ideas in the comment section below.

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