120 Wholesome Pics Of Strangers Becoming Friends

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In times of worldwide pandemic, where social distance is the new norm, people have had no choice but to rethink the attention they give to other people. We have had to redefine, some more, some less, the limits of who we really care about, and think of what kind of relationships we lack or need. No wonder so many people have ended up cutting ties with distant friends and strengthening the bond with a few real friends.

While longing for human connection, we have realized the real value of friendships we kept. After all, being in good company, where you can laugh, cry, forget about some things and remember others, make new memories, slow down time, aspire and inspire, is probably one of the biggest joys there is. And sometimes, in these occasions blessed by the universe, we meet people we feel an instant bond with. We can be total strangers, but it doesn’t matter.

So today, Bored Panda has compiled a wholesome collection of stories about total strangers finding immediate connection. It proves that there are relationships beyond our beloved real friends, and that maybe, we all are friends out there still waiting for the moment we will meet each other.

#1 My Heart

Image credits: tiki.nutter

#2 The Kindest Stranger

So I thought it was a good idea to fly by myself with a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old we were standing in line in security, on the verge of tears because Wyatt was screaming and James was exhausted. Out of the blue, one mom stops the line for security and says “here, jump in front of me! I know how it is!” Wyatt fell asleep and I was trying to carry everyone’s carry-on when another mom jumps out of her place in line and says “hand me everything, I’ve got it”. When I said thank you to both of them they said “don’t you worry, we’re going to make sure you get on that flight.” The second woman takes everything and helps me get it through security and, on top of all that, she grabs all of it and walks us to the gate to make sure we get on the flight. To top it all off, Wyatt starts to scream at take off before he finally falls back to sleep. After about 45 min, this angel comes to the back and says “you look like you need a break” and holds Wyatt for the rest of the flight AND walks him all the way to the baggage claim, hands him to blake, hugs me and says “Merry Christmas!”

Image credits: bvenable1

#3 My Brother's Bike Broke Down And This Man Pushed It 5 Km (With His Scooter), Told The Mechanic We Needed Help And Then Bought Us Beer While The Mechanic Fixed It

My brother and I were traveling in Vietnam by motorbike. I was using my phone to translate, thanking him so much for the help and telling him we are from Canada. He explained to me that he had left his phone at home but wanted a picture with us. We took some pics using my phone and I added him as a contact. He translated that he would be back in a moment and jumped on his scooter. He returned with cold tigers for each of us. We offered many times to pay him for both his help and beer, but he refused. Again, Mr. Tran, you are a great human.

Image credits: Sincer77

#4 Flying Home For The Holidays Dressed To Surprise The Family. Before The Flight, I Met This Stranger At The Airport. Instant Best Friends

Image credits: ImplicationOfDanger

#5 Snow White Comforts Boy With Autism Who Had A Meltdown In Disney World

I wanted to share an amazing experience that I had today Sunday August 25th in Epcot. My son Brody has Autism and is non verbal. We went to meet Snow White by the fountain at the Germany Pavilion at 4:00 this afternoon. My son was having an autism meltdown. He was crying and was overwhelmed and just having a hard time. Snow White was amazing with him!! She kissed, hugged and cuddled him. He was laying his head crying on her lap. She then took him for a walk away from the crowd! She was amazing. She held his hand, danced with him, took him over to a bench and sat with him. She went above and beyond!! She took so much time with him. She was a pure angel! She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched!

Image credits: lauren.bergner.37

#6 Just Two Friends On A Commute

Image credits: AsiaChloeBrown

#7 An Older Gentleman Came In By Himself To Eat At A Restaurant In PA. He Was Telling Some Stories To His Server, Who Went On Break And Joined Him During His Meal

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Every Thursday, My Heart Is Full When I See The Joy That Our Amazing Garbage Man Brings Brooklyn When He Honks And Waves At Her With A Big Smile

And today, we finally got to meet him! Brooklyn and I wrapped up one of her birthday cupcakes and waited for him. When he came down our street, she ran to the corner. We were waving like usual and I motioned for him to come over by us. He pulled over, got out and gave us his BIG smile. Brooklyn was instantly speechless as she handed him the cupcake. I explained to him that he makes our day every Thursday, and we really appreciate the honking and waving, and how special of a day it is for us.

Then... (melt my heart)... he explained that he looks forward to seeing us every Thursday as well. He said that he has a meeting every Thursday morning and always tries to get out of there in a hurry so that he can make sure to see us every week.

Image credits: cityblm

#9 These Teens At The Skateboard Park Treating My 5-Year-Old Like He's One Of Them

Image credits: passingglans

#10 Grandma Accidentally Invites Stranger To Thanksgiving - Now, They’re Like Family

Image credits: Jamalhinton12

#11 Making A New Friend

Image credits: Jess748

#12 That Smile On Her Face Is Priceless

This lady in the washroom looking at me said, “I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that.” So I said why miss it, we’re all out right now, aren’t we? Story short we have a new friend.

Image credits: SmithMahri

#13 Cashier Bro Looking Out For A Regular

Image credits: Cordmcoffey

#14 This Is 95 Hirane From Japan. I Accidentally Entered His Shop To Ask For Directions. So How We Got Talking And Became Good Friends

And now he dedicates 2 hours everyday to teach me Japanese.

Image credits: Sellatra

#15 Guy Helps A Special Needs Man And Is Super Friendly To Him

If anyone recognizes this man in the orange shirt, you walk up to him and shake his hand. He doesn't seem like the bragging type so I'll brag for him, while working out at Planet Fitness in Pascagoula a special needs man constantly approached him about 10 different times in a 45 minute time span with handshakes, hugs, questions, and interactions. Not only did this man smile, laugh, give him workout advice multiple times, and joke back with him while getting in his own workout but he didn't care who was watching while doing it. His patience, compassion, and friendliness was next level admirable. Towards the end of the workout the special needs man approached me and pointed to the man in the orange shirt and said "that's my friend" with a huge smile on his face. The pics aren't the best but they were the best creeper pics I could take at the time and this guy deserves recognition. The world needs more people like this man in the orange shirt, well done sir.

#16 A Stranger Drove Two Hours And Used His Drone To Recover Meadow, Who Was Lost In The Woods For 10 Days

Image credits: butterscotcheggs

#17 My Wife And I Couldn’t Get Our Baby To Stop Crying At The Restaurant, So We Started To Pack Up To Go Home. The Couple Sitting Next To Us Offered To Hold Him So We Could Enjoy A Night

Our baby slept on this kind stranger's shoulder the entire evening!

Image credits: humansof

#18 There's No Limit To The Ways You Can Make Connections In Life

Image credits: half___empty

#19 Older Gentleman Teaches Young Guy How To Tie His Tie

The young guy sitting down was struggling with his tie. The woman in the red coat noticed, and asked "Do you know how to tie it properly?" The young guy said "No ma'am." She taps her husband and says "Come to this side (her right side; he was standing on her left side) and teach this young man how to tie his tie." The older gentleman moved without hesitation (almost a reflex response) and gave him a step-by-step tutorial; then - afterward - the elder gentleman watched the young gentleman repeat the steps and show him that he had it.

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#20 Grandma Bro

Image credits: mikebookpro

#21 A New Friend

Image credits: shannon.cox

#22 A Police Officer In North Carolina Spent His Lunch Break Sharing Pizza With A Homeless Woman

Image credits: BarnesNC

#23 This Is My Uber Driver Beni, He Took Me To The Hospital And Keeping Me Company Since Most Of My Family Lives Out Of The State

Image credits: super_slide

#24 Two Strangers Sit Next To Each Other On A Flight And Meet Their Doppelganger

Image credits: leebeattie

#25 "That's No Blizzard. That's My Sister”

#26 He Keeps Me Safe

It was Dress Like Your Favorite Person Day at 5-year-old Easton’s school today. Easton wanted to go as his school security officer Jeffery because he says “he keeps me safe.” So, his mom made him a shirt and surprised Jeffery at school. Best buds for sure! 

Image credits: MelissaZygTV

#27 Saw An Elderly Man Make A Move And Patiently Wait For Another Player. An Unlikely Partner Appeared And Warmed My Heart

Image credits: ktainsworth

#28 Be Kind To Each Other

Image credits: mhdksafa

#29 These Friends Met On A Cruise And Reunited Over Twitter

Image credits: briannacry

#30 Guy Shares His Phone With A Little Boy

Image credits: _SJPeace_

#31 Always Love A Good Dog Walk Story

Image credits: DaniEmilyx

#32 A Year Ago My Little Sister Left This World. This Weekend Her Heart Recipient Met My Mom And Shared Her Heartbeat

Image credits: Necoya

#33 Caring Friend

Image credits: ailijones

#34 Wholesome Friendship Beginning

Image credits: DFacobbre

#35 Watching The Game As Bros

Image credits: jeffry.daniels

#36 So I Sit At My Desk All Day And Do School Work/Work-Work, And There's A Guy In The Apartment Building Next To Mine That Does The Same. We Sometimes Make Eye Contact

Yesterday I had enough - time to make some friends, social distance style!

Image credits: Rustycougarmama

#37 This Beautiful Girl Was Scared During Takeoff & Asked If She Could Hold This Stranger's Hand. Man: "Of Course! It's Going To Be Ok"

He kept her calm & distracted by asking about her family. People are good.

Image credits: pianopro35

#38 Well Done

Image credits: mary.terrinoni

#39 "These Workmen Are Awesome. This Man Has Sat Down For A Few Minutes To Explain To Our Boys All About The Road Works"

Image credits: theresa.fitzwater

#40 My Lady Friend Wanted A Piggy Back Picture On The Beach And A Random Biker Watching The Sunset Said He Wanted One Too

Image credits: sizertl

#41 Elderly Man Finds A Fishing Mate After Posting A Classified Ad

After his fishing buddy passed away, 75-year-old widower Ray Johnstone posted a classified ad in search of a friend. He just wanted someone to go fishing with and offered to split costs with anyone who owns a boat. His ad got over 60k views, and he had offers from people around the world – including a guy who took him on an all-expense-paid, deep sea fishing getaway.

Image credits: mati.batsinilas

#42 Last Year I Gave A Guy CPR After He Had A Heart Attack While Driving. He Ended Up Surviving But We Couldn’t Meet Because Of His Condition And Covid. We Finally Got To Meet Up

Image credits: Illhavethegabaghol

#43 I Got A Flat Tire In An Unfamiliar Area, These Men Stopped And Offered To Help. They Ended Up Doing All The Work And Wouldn’t Accept Money When I Offered

Image credits: pigspinkbehind

#44 Twelve Years Ago I Played A Game Online, Met A Kid And We Became Best Friends, Brothers. A Week Ago, I Met Him For The First Time In Person

Later that week, I was the best man at his wedding.

Image credits: Buschstahf

#45 People Becoming Unexpected Friends During Isolation

#46 Some People Are Too Good To Be True

Image credits: Thatgirl_Stacey

#47 Toddler Bonding With A Stranger At A US Airport

Last night, while waiting to board our plane, my daughter was being her usual inquisitive self wanting to meet and say “hi” to everyone she could, until she walked up on this man. He reached out and asked if she wanted to sit with him. He pulled out his tablet and showed her how to draw with it, they watched cartoons together, and she offered him snacks. This wasn’t a short little exchange, this was 45 minutes. Watching them in that moment, I couldn’t help but think, different genders, different races, different generations, and the best of friends. This is the world I want for her.

Image credits: KevinArmentroutOfficial

#48 We Can Only Fight Hate With Kindness

Image credits: QasimRashid

#49 These Two Girls I Met Tonight Spent A Half Hour Comforting This Crying Homeless Woman

She stopped crying minutes after the interaction began and they talked with her for a half-hour about the cool things she had on her, including her Spider-Man blanket and Teen Titans lanyard.

Image credits: alexschubs

#50 They Deserve More Than Minimum Pay

Image credits: barbara.danner

#51 Family Accidentally Texts Baby News To Complete Strangers, That Resulted In Surprise Hospital Visit From Strangers

Image credits: deorick.williams

#52 Every Thursday Morning My Little Nephew Waits For The Garbage Man To Arrive So He Can Help. Today They Brought Him A WM Hat To Wear

Image credits: Benzona

#53 This Man Noticed An Older Man Struggling To Find Directions On His Phone. He Asked If He Could Help

He asked if he could help and spent the next 20 minutes teaching him how to use Google Maps, GPS and direction services. What a stud!

Image credits: Dex2Dex

#54 This 95-Year-Old Man Sharing His Holiday Photos With A Stranger During Their Flight

My husband works at a nursing home, so naturally, he befriended the 95-year-old man sitting next to him on our 4.5 hour flight. By the end, the man was showing him pics on his digital camera from Christmas and telling him all about his family.

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 Hugging Strangers In Fast Food Restaurants. No Big Deal

Image credits: itsallhistory

#56 "Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover"

Image credits: AfricanPrize

#57 Every Time I️ Come To My Gym, This Man Is Helping This Employee With Calculus

Image credits: GonnaNeedEarPlugs

#58 Came Across This Today, Shows That Compassion Can Be All Anybody Needs To Pick Themselves Up

"So this is a picture of me (on the left) and Darren (a homeless guy from Liverpool). Every day on my way to work I see Darren. He says hello, we have a chat, and I go get him a cup of coffee. He's a massive Everton fan and I'm a massive Liverpool fan, but we always have good banter about the football.

Darren used to have a job, and a girlfriend, but he lost all that after his girlfriend passed away and he went into depression. Now he lives on the streets in Liverpool.

So I decided, that instead of spending money on stupid things at Christmas (like cards and expensive food) I'd use the money to get Darren and I tickets to an EVERTON match. When I told him he burst out crying and gave me the best hug ever. We had a great time at the match and he was so grateful (he even offered to buy the coffee this time).

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this today is that Darren is no longer on the streets. He's got a council flat and is working part-time. Last week he had me round for dinner. I'm so proud of him.

I posted this story to show you that a little bit of kindness can go so far and help get someone on the right track again. I used to drink coffee with Darren on the streets, then I did it at Goodison Park, and now we drink it in his flat."

Image credits: Rossico Jenkoski

#59 This Kid

Image credits: Darrien Middleton

#60 I Missed My Connecting Flight And Was Crying By Myself When These Two Complete Strangers Came Up To Me And Helped Me Cheer Up

We chatted while waiting for our plane, and played cards! Thank you so much Matt and Levi! Truly great guys.

Image credits: cchibear

#61 Years Ago I Had A Friend On Xbox 360, We Had Become Really Close. Then My Xbox Broke, And I Never Had The Chance To Say Goodbye To Him

Two years later I tried to see if anyone on PS4 had his username: against all odds someone did.

Image credits: Advena128

#62 Strangers Become Friends Through The Gift Of A Kidney Donation

Image credits: kara.yimoyines

#63 Wisconsin Bus Driver Holds Nervous 4-Year-Old Boy's Hand On His First Day Of School

Image credits: augustawipd

#64 Went Out Fishing With My Grandpa This Evening And There Was This One Kid Who Had Some Sort Of Mental Handicap

About halfway through our fishing, his rod broke and there were several knots in his line. Not only did my grandpa completely fix his rod he untied the knots. Never been more proud of him.

Image credits: ManiacGoblin46

#65 Total Stranger Came And Braided My Hair While I’m In The Hospital After I Asked For Help In A Beauty Facebook Group

Image credits: Samuscabrona

#66 Relentless Compressions Saved This Man With V-Fib, And It Couldn’t Have Happened To A Better Person

My wife and I were stopping at the store to get dinner, and I saw an older gentleman laid down in the road in front of the store, so I pulled over and rushed to his side. Another guy was next to him checking his pulse and said he couldn’t find it, so we pulled him out of the road, and immediately begin chest compressions. The two of us worked on him for about five minutes or so while a whole bunch of onlookers just stood there. 


The paramedics finally arrived and took over, and after shocking him several times and what felt like a lifetime, were able to stabilize him, and get him to the hospital. Police officer came over and told us he had a massive heart attack. He then shook my hand and congratulated us for saving this complete stranger, and said had we not been there and acted as fast as we did, he absolutely wouldn't have made it.


This morning the family contacted me and I went to the hospital to meet this man. Turns out he had V-fib and passed away three times at the hospital and had we not sprung into action as fast as we did he wouldn’t have even made it there. The doctor told me that people have less than a 10% survival rate, and couldn’t remember the last time he saw somebody survive this. 


This man Stephen is super awesome and incredibly funny. Every year he is Santa Claus for the kids in his town and hosts an event called “meet Santa” at the high school, and he even promised me were gonna toss back a few beers when he’s fully recovered. You never know what kind of situation might unfold at any moment, and simply knowing what to might be the difference between someone going home to their family or not.

Image credits: frigginnathan

#67 3 Years Ago Today, A Stranger (Left) Saved My (Right) Life. I Asked My Gaming Community For A Real Life Superhero Who Would Donate A Kidney To Me

Many people came forward and she was a match. I'm happy to be alive!

Image credits: abyssiphus

#68 In 2018, I Posted About My Son Who Had Passed Away A Decade Earlier. A Stranger Has Gone Out Of His Way To Reach Out To Me Around The Anniversary For The Past Two Years

Image credits: CapeMama819

#69 Two Strangers In Indiana Were Eating Alone When The Elderly Woman Asked The Young Man If She Could Join Him. Without Hesitation He Said "Of Course"

Image credits: amanda.marquellcraft

#70 Young Man Comes In Alone, Sees The Older Lady Eating By Herself, Asks To Join Her. Instant Friends. This Is What Is Right In The World

Image credits: SteveAlejandro7

#71 A Stranger Was Interested In The Hair Styling Tools I Was Selling On Facebook Marketplace. When She Found Out I Was Studying For Finals, She Left Me A Care Package

Image credits: jjaaeee

#72 “Online Friends” Are Real Friends

Image credits: rnbwsprinkles

#73 My Friends And I Stayed Somewhere For The Weekend. Saturday We Stopped At A Place Which We Thought Might Be A Bar, So I Knocked And Asked Them If It Was

The lady answered the door said "no, but would you like to come in for a beer?" 40 beers and a ton of queen later we came out with 2 new friends!

Image credits: talktomoshe

#74 Heartwarming Note After Making A Friend

Image credits: KahlonRav

#75 We Need More People Like This Girl In The World

Image credits: vickto_willy

#76 Wholesome Elderly Neighbor

Image credits: Christian_Writer

#77 They Were Seated Next To Each Other On A Flight And Didn't Know Each Other. She Was Flying For First Time And Was Terrified. He Talked Her Through It And Held Her Hand

#78 Lowe's Ran Out Of Generators, And A Complete Stranger Gave His Generator To A Woman Whose Father Is Living On Oxygen. People Helping People. I Love My State

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Cheers To The Stranger Across The Aisle With Whom I Played My First Wireless Mario Kart Races

Image credits: Rememberbhn

#80 Not As Impactful As Others I've Seen, But This Is Such A Wholesome Stranger Move

Image credits: chebaiman

#81 Little Boy Couldn’t See The Christmas Parade At Disney World Over The Crowd And This Kind Stranger Offered To Lift Him Up So He Could See

Image credits: Puritychalice412

#82 The Older Man Was Playing His Flute For Money By The Cliffs Of Moher In Ireland. The Younger Guy Walked Up, Pulled A Flute Out Of His Coat (Who Carries A Flute?) And Joined Him

It was sweet and the older man earned a lot more money after that.

Image credits: snickle_fritzzz

#83 Alright. Alright

Image credits: NickTracanna

#84 For The Last Three Years, There’s Been A Woman I Say Good Morning To On The School Run Every Day. We’re Complete Strangers

I wrote her a Christmas card to say thank you for always being so kind to me. This morning she handed me this.

#85 At The Start Of Lockdown I Joined A Zoom Group With Complete Strangers. Yesterday Three Of Us Met For The First Time And I Just About Cried

We would talk about life, mental health, being a woman in today’s society, etc. Here’s to new and forever friends, wherever they may be.

Image credits: DepressionEraMomJean

#86 Owen Is A Middle School Student Who Rides My High School Bus, I Started Sitting By Him And We Became Good Friends, He Just Handed Me This Letter From His Mom

Image credits: reesespike

#87 People Supporting Each Other

Image credits: ibuperformative

#88 I Got To Meet The Incredible Retired Army Veteran, Trina Brown, And Her Amazing Daughter Jon

They were in town visiting UMKC, which Jon will attend in the fall. I bought their lunch (I’m sneaky) and we had a great talk about life and protecting each other (get vaccinated, friends). I thanked Trina for her service and wished Jon a terrific first semester as they left, and sat down to eat my perfect barbecue sandwich. Five minutes later, Trina walked back in and said, “Tally, take my information. If you’re ever in Oklahoma City, you have a place to stay.” Of course, I started crying. I don’t post this for praise. I post it because I think it’s imperative that we take the time to see people and really listen. I truly believe our lives will be enriched.

Image credits: tallysessions

#89 Online Friends Are Real-Life Friends

Image credits: chucknyce116

#90 At A Random Fast Food Restaurant, I Spotted This Kid. We Became Instant Best Friends

Image credits: laraschneizy

#91 Met This Man On The Train While Our Way To Ella

He was traveling to Badulla to meet his elder daughter. Seeya was so excited to see the daughter and family. Like a little child who gets excited about a new toy. We offered him some food to eat but he took only milo saying his daughter making lunch for him. He wanted to eat that. And can you believe that he is wearing that hat for 40 years and he is so proud of it. A knowledgeable person and such a beautiful soul. Whoever you are, I wish you a long life full of happiness Seeya!

Image credits: storyteller_sl

#92 These Two Beautiful Ladies Didn't Know Each Other But If You Overheard The Conversation And Laughter You Wouldn't Of Known

They don't live too far from one another and they wouldn't have known that if they hadn't started chatting. There are millions and millions of people in this world and though sometimes you might feel alone, your tribe is out there. So reach out and connect, because it shows that not only can you make friends anywhere and anytime, if you put yourself out there, your journey can turn into something wonderful.

Image credits: lazuli_codesigns

#93 This Cashier Got A Very Sweet Birthday Surprise From A Stranger

#94 Laarrrge

Image credits: twitter.com

#95 Bless Her Heart

Image credits: hayleynewcombb

#96 This Person Who Received A Very Warm Welcome To Their New Country

Image credits: AllisonLantero

#97 Eight Years Ago I Entered A "Big Brother" Type Situation With An Awkward 8-Year-Old Kid. We've Been Hanging Out Once A Week Ever Since

Today he towers over me, can drive, slays it in school, and is someone I'm proud to call a friend. He came to visit me in my garden and we got a rare pic together.

Image credits: JesseWegenast

#98 I Met Some Of My Best Friends Via World Of Warcraft, And They Were Able To Be In My Wedding This Past March

They came from Maryland and New York all the way to Nebraska, and it still makes me happy.

Image credits: ZurgenWoW

#99 Me (Left) Meeting My Best Friend For The First Time After Playing Xbox With Him For 5 Years

Image credits: ctrlzaltdelete

#100 This Military Man Was Very Kind To My Daughter And Helped Keep Her Entertained For Over An Hour

Image credits: lexiibexii

#101 My Grandad 89 Went To The Quick Stop Every Morning To Get Coffee For Decades And Became Good Friends With The Owner And His Wife

Went back the other day for the first time in a few weeks after knee surgery and received this note.

Image credits: whiteaswonderbreadd

#102 Homeless Man Loses Bike, Gains Bike And New Friend

Image credits: negcap

#103 You Never Know Someone’s Story Until You Ask. This Is Scott. He Was My Neighbor In Baja

We chatted for hours and I learned so much from this amazing individual. Neither one of us wanted anything from each other, except to have a conversation. It was refreshing in a world of “what can you do for me”.

Image credits: arunfrances

#104 Hiking Makes My Heart So Full. I Love How It Brings People Together. Strangers Become Friends, Friends Become Family

Image credits: debra_on_the_go

#105 We Started The Journey As Strangers, Ended Up Creating An Unforgettable Bond

Image credits: m.a.n.i.e

#106 Pure Happiness

Image credits: lvattjonas

#107 Strangers Who Ended Up Becoming Friends

Image credits: lucidbeanzz

#108 Partners In Crime

Image credits: justchrissty

#109 Strangers Becoming Friends

Image credits: TheNationWHS

#110 Racing Isn't Just About The Action On The Track

Image credits: stephlinder312

#111 Just A Couple Of Months Back We Met In Berlin For A Coffee And Now We Swam Together In The Indian Ocean

Image credits: palmtreesandfootprints

#112 A Stranger Walked Up With No Fear And Asked A Simple Question Before Judging

Last night at the gas station this man Ivory walked up to me staring at my shirt and with respect didn't say anything absurd or rude he simply asked what does that mean to you. From that question, he and I talked for a good 15 mins. Played some jokes, laughed, discussed the ignorance of others and those who jump to conclusions.

Image credits: hendertucky_dipper

#113 I Was Hiking A Slot Canyon With My Family And I Busted My Ankle About 3 Miles In. This Man (On The Left) Did Lead Me Along The Canyon And Down The Ladder Behind Us

He guided my small children and wife down as well since I wasn’t much help to them.

Image credits: pablomcpablopants

#114 These Two Strangers Spontaneously Started Chatting And Laughing Together. I Might Have Caught The Beginning Of A Friendship On Camera


#115 Wholesome Gym Community

Image credits: RiotVedius

#116 Sometimes It’s Not Your Friends Who Goal Set, Sometimes It’s Not Your Family, But Then It Will Be A Complete Stranger That Came Into Your Life And Forced You To Level Up

Image credits: carlaplupo_

#117 We Were Strangers But A Simple "Hi" Makes Us Friends

Image credits: dilan_thenuwara

#118 He Laughed And I Believe He Was Genuinely Delighted To Have Spent 10 Mins Waiting At A Bus Stop With Me

"I used to work for the best TV program in the world" Attenborough, Bilko, Channel 4 News, Likely lads? "World in Action. " Mike said. Then we chatted about coincidental mutual friends and how life can throw some really sad stuff at you. "Seems to me you are dying nicely" I said.

Image credits: instagram.com

#119 Wherever You Travel It’s Great To Meet And Spend Time With Complete Strangers

It’s reminded me that it’s important to be open, welcoming, share stories and help and appreciate others.

Image credits: sashwhale

#120 I Just Met Her And She Immediately Said She Needed Whatever I Had On. 5 Mins Later I’m Sharing All About YL And She Just Started Her New Life

Image credits: aceitesdevida3