12 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

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10 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

After becoming a mother, I don’t recall consenting to it, but it seems that you set your purse down and don’t pick it up for many months. Instead, you cram your cards and phone into your pockets, and the baby nappy bag becomes your go-to item anytime you want to leave the home (or whenever you can’t locate anything else).

Your nappy bag will become a substantial part of your daily routine, so it’s essential to choose a design that accommodates everything you need, fits with the rest of your baby gear, and makes you feel good while carrying it! (heck, sometimes I miss my girly bags!)

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10 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

What to Look For in a Good Australian Nappy Bag?

Your nappy bag should have enough room and be lightweight and portable. Perhaps a good-looking one would be more to your taste! Your bag should have enough room for a baby’s clothing, feeding supplies, diapers and other items.

Choosing a bag that’s too large might be cumbersome, so keep that in mind. A deep bag may store more, but it may be more difficult to locate certain items inside it. As a new mum, you don’t want to be sifting through your luggage looking for that odd, yet necessary, item.

Here are some points to consider:

Size of the Nappy Bag

Buying the largest diaper bag you can find may seem like a good idea, but in this situation, larger isn’t necessarily better. Take a look at these packing tutorials to get an idea of whether your diaper bag can accommodate all of your daily requirements without being too bulky. To be prepared for those last-minute extras, you may always carry a spare nappy clutch in your vehicle or pram basket.

Weight of the Nappy BAg

A good rule of thumb is to choose nappy bags that weigh less than 1kg so that you can be sure they are built of high-quality materials but will not make your bag too cumbersome to carry once it is fully loaded up.

Does the Nappy Bag have Pockets?

A nappy bag with many slots is ideal if you want to keep things organized and tidy. The style of pocket is also crucial – elasticized pockets are adaptable, whilst zipped pockets keep items safe – you want a mix of the two to make packing a snap.

What Should I Pack in My Nappy Bag?

For Feeding

  • A bib. To collect any spills or stray bits of mashed pumpkin that may occur.
  • Bottles and baby formula (if you are using it).  Prepare everything you’ll need if you’re bottle-feeding your child, including formula, sterile bottles, and boiling water in advance. Most cafés will be pleased to heat up your baby’s bottle for you, or you may get an insulated bottle to keep the heat in.
  • Muslin wrap or burp cloth. When you’re nursing, you’ll discover that this comes in useful rather often and provides excellent privacy.
  • Baby food and feeding utensils. Once your child has advanced to solid foods, have a batch of emergency baby food in your diaper bag, along with a spoon and a bowl.

For Changing Baby

  • Wet wipes for babies. Purchase travel packs of baby wipes, or place some from your home supply in a reusable snap-lock bag, rather than lugging about a large box of baby wipes.
  • Cream for diaper rash. Purchase a second pot or tube of formula to keep in your diaper bag. You won’t make the mistake of forgetting anything at home this way.
  • Change mat that is easily transportable. Some nappy bags come with a changing pad, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want something that’s small, comfortable, and simple to keep clean.
  • Bags for disposing of sanitary nappies. When you’re out and about, dirty diapers, or anything else disgusting and mucky, this container is ideal.
bigstock Mother Changing Diaper To Her 159926510 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au
10 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

What Mums Need in the Nappy BAg

  • Breast pads. Breastfeeding mums should bring disposable or reusable nursing pads in order to prevent breastmilk leakage.
  • Drinks and refreshments. Carrying your baby and a nappy bag about is challenging at times, so make sure you pack a drink and some snacks for yourself in case your blood-sugar levels begin to plummet during the journey.
  • Clothes. If your kid has gotten into anything nasty, you’ll probably want to change your clothing as well. A backup top and bra are always useful to have on hand.
  • Sunscreen and a hat are a must. Keep in mind that being sun-smart is just as vital.
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Types of Nappy Bag Available

Tote Nappy Bags

Tote nappy bags are popular among mothers who have a lot of things to carry about. These bags are similar to the traditional nappy bag in that they are large or oversize bags that are worn over one shoulder.


When it comes to baby bags, neoprene has quickly gained popularity as a material of choice. The lightweight fabric is the ideal answer for those looking for a bag that will not feel too burdened down after it has been loaded with all of the baby’s requirements. Neoprene is also easy to clean, and there are a plethora of trendy nappy bags in this material made for mums on the go.

Backpack Style

When it comes to picking a baby bag, many mums, particularly those who are physically active, are reverting to backpacks. With the exception of the fact that they can be strapped on, baby bag backpacks have gone a long way in terms of design.

You may choose from a variety of stylish leather backpacks, as well as those made of high-quality waterproof-treated polyester and other materials. The sky is the limit!

List of the Best Nappy Bags in Australia for 2022

1. Isoki Anakie Satchel Nappy Bag

  • Price: $110
  • Stockist: Catch

When it comes to getting the job done while still looking nice, this hefty nappy bag shows that you can do it all. With lots of capacity for all of your baby supplies, including various inner pockets and a separate storage purse – not to mention the cushioned change mat that helps parents keep their babies clean while changing diapers — the Anakie bag is effortless, fashionable, and fashioned from exquisite vegan leather.

BubMania - Isoki Anakie Satchel Nappy Bag - Amber
10 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

2. Kate Hill Baby Maternity & Nappy Bag Backpack

  • Price: $29
  • Stockist: Catch

If you choose this sophisticated bag for style-conscious mums, you will not have to choose between fashion and functionality. There are several pockets and compartments in this design to contain anything from bottles (which are kept warm with an insulated lining!) to diapers, toys, and extra clothing for when you’re on-the-go and need to be organized and prepared.

Kate Hill Baby Maternity 48cm Nappy Bag Backpack - Navy | Catch.com.au

3. Arch Luxe Vegan Nappy Bags

The moment has come to invest in a stunning ARCH Bag if you are seeking a fashionable nappy bag that does not compromise functionality. Clients have referred to its one-of-kind strap design as a “game changer.”

With a simple twist, the bag can be transformed into either a backpack or tote. As parents, there are numerous occasions when we feel as if we don’t have enough hands; having a nappy bag that can also be used as a backpack is a lifesaver in these situations.

This beauty was painstakingly made to not seem like a regular nappy bag – and it’s available in both male and female styles.

| Stay at Home Mum.com.au

4. Bambino Mio Baby & Beyond Change Bag

In terms of nappy bags, the Baby and Beyond Change Bag is the best option for those who use cloth diapers, since it can hold everything you need for a newborn to a toddler, from the hospital to the classroom, and everywhere in between. It’s been smartly designed to be used as a shoulder bag, a backpack, hands-free, or simply to grab and go when you need to!

baby & beyond change bag

5. Tony Bianco Wright Weekender

  • Price: $99
  • Stockist: Catch

Are you taking your little one away for a weekend with you? Don’t be caught unprepared with this stylish Tony Bianco nappy bag, that is built to carry both your mum’s stuff and your baby’s necessities. There are many slip pockets for a bottle, a phone, and keys in the main centre compartment, plus a zip section at the bottom of the compartment for nappies and wipes.

This nappy bag also comes with a change mat, two pram attachments, and a detachable shoulder strap for convenience. Keep your attention on enjoying your time away with your child, and leave the hard lifting to this beautiful travel buddy!

Tony Bianco Wright Weekender Baby Hold All Bag - Black | Catch.co.nz

6. Vanchi Nappy Bag Indie Holdall

  • Price: $199.95
  • Stockist: Vanchi

The New VANCHI Indie Holdall Baby Nappy Bag – Tan, which has the ideal blend of stylish aesthetics with a useful aim, always seems to turn heads.

The most intriguing feature about this beauty is that she does not appear to be a Nappy Bag. The Indie will easily transition from a diaper bag to a work bag or an overnight bag when the infant stage is gone.

IndieHoldall | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

7. The Nappy Society Original Baby Bag

Welcoming you to a world of small, attractive organizations and bidding farewell to big, unsightly baby bags are their Compact Baby Bag Inserts.

This nappy bag is a more compact version of their original Baby Bag Insert, which is one of their most popular products. Designed for small to medium-sized bags, you can now change your favourite designer bag into the sleek, versatile, and fashion-forward baby bag of your dreams!

The Nappy Society | Original Baby Bag Insert | One Fine Baby Shop

8. Bondi Nappy Bag Tote (Navy)

  • Price: $169
  • Stockist: Catch

A nappy bag this elegant and quite big will make packing all of your baby’s necessities much easier. It is one of the biggest Nappy Totes available on the market*, and it is finished with lovely woven straps and vegan leather trim. This stroller comes with a changing mat, stroller straps that are convenient to have built-in, and many kid pockets, as well as feet below to keep it stable on level terrain.

Bondi Nappy Bag Tote in Navy - One Fine Baby

9. H&L Label Vegan Nappy Backpacks

This high-quality, beautiful faux leather is built to endure, with double stitching throughout, a wipe-clean material, and high-quality metal zips. One of the most exciting aspects of this nappy bag is its innovative concealed labelling system, which makes it easier than ever to find your necessities or for anybody else to load or locate stuff!

tan nappy | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

10. Babymel Bag Georgi Eco in Leopard

  • Price: $122.80 AU
  • Stockist: BabyMel

This convertible nappy bag not only benefits the environment, but it also helps with potty changes! The pack is lightweight and filled with conveniences, including a convertible strap that allows you to effortlessly switch between wearing it as a backpack or shoulder bag and a wipes dispenser pocket for easy access. The Georgi features a contemporary, unisex design that is ideal for daily use.

Georgi eco Convertible Backpack Navy Stripe – Babymel® London

11. OiOi Slouch Tote Nappy Bag – Denim Grey

  • Price: $80
  • Stockist: Catch

This huge nappy bag is structured like a tote and has a denim-linen design for a fashionable finish. You’ll be capable of storing everything you need for travelling with your kid, from bottles and diapers to extra clothes and toys. Multiple compartments, including bottle holders, and water-resistant finishes make this nappy bag a breeze to clean and keep your baby’s essentials close at hand when on the go.

Oioi tote slouch nappy bag - denim grey - goo & co. - Goo & Co.

12. Hannah & Henry Chelsea Convertible Nappy Tote

The Chelsea Convertible Tote/Nappy Bag may be the prettiest and most fashionable convertible nappy bag on the market these days. The vegan leather on the surface and the long-lasting nylon lining inside of this fashionable Nappy Tote Bag are both handcrafted with passion. This gorgeous bag can be used as a diaper tote bag or a baby backpack, so it’s perfect for day outings, girl’s lunches, and more!

| Stay at Home Mum.com.au
10 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

So, What’s Your Favourite Nappy Bag? Let Us Know!